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The village

The village, one of the most beautiful in France !

Shaped like the shell of a snail, the construction of the village started in the 10th century around the church of St Peter, a small romanesque building transformed in 1550 into a group of buildings in the Southern French Gothic style. With its mediaeval architecture and picturesque lanes and the thread of history through tje centuries, Monestiés offers the curious visitor a peaceful and interesting stop. In fact after discovering the village, the banks of the Cerou river welcome you for a tranquil stroll along the riverbank.

Note : a botanical route extends the length of the riverbank where you will discover the local flora.
In the village : Services and commerces.

Educational services and guided visits : contact (+33)

Archaeological display at the heart of the Tourist Office

Free entry

These archaeological finds, displayed in a vaulted stone room in the Tourist Office, demonstrate daily life and work of local civilisation at different periods

- The Iron Age around 800 BC

- The Gallo-Roman period around 20 BC

They are the result of excavations by two local associations of enthusiastic amateur archaeologists

- SAGA in Monesties
- SASTB in Blaye les Mines

In addition to numerous showcases you will find explanation panels relating to the finds from Las Combes and from Celles. From around 10 displays you can explore more than 2000 years of history and understand the way of life of our ancestors.

In the surrounding area :
The village of Lagarde-Viaur is worth a detour. This ancient fortress used to guard the valley of the Viaur during the conflicts of the cathar age in the 13th century. Signs of its defensive role still exist.


Set off for a heritage tour of the village

Note: A tour of the Tarn Valley and the Ségala by car will take you through 160 Km of sites which cannot be ignored. Indicated routes are available in all the tourist offices in the Tarn.

Circuit du Ségala

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Un village ecclésial, 1 000 ans d’histoire, un héritage des évêques d’Albi, 2 musées uniques... Téléphone : (+33)
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