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Love of flavours

Is beeing greedy a naughty fault? No, we are going to prove the opposite to you...

Monesties offers you a wide range of local products.

Meet all our local producers...
Many will be pleased to welcome you to share their passion for their work and their products.

- Every thursday during summer, from 5.30 pm, a little market take place on the shady main square with local producers.

Marché d'été

- List of the producers of Ségala tarnais here

- Calendar of events, list of markets and map of producers of Pays Albigeois-Bastides here

- The grocery Le Marché de Juliette also offers a selection of local products.

- More producers in the Tarn : Bienvenue à la ferme, Saveurs du Tarn

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Salaisons, viandes
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Fruits & Légumes

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