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’The river’s secrets’

Découvrez le parcours botanique de Monestiés

If you come to Monestiés do not miss discovering the “Secrets of the River”, a botanical walk newly set up on the banks of the Cérou. In June 2007 on the occasion of the ‘Rendez-vous aux jardins et des Journees nature en Midi Pyrenees’, the Tourist Office suggested a botanical walk along the banks of the Cérou with a booklet to accompany the walk.

Faced with the success of this enjoyable and instructive walk the Mayor of Monestiés and the local ‘Syndicat’ decided to maintain this path.

The tour includes 18 panels in wire from which you will learn the botanical and historical information – the result of research led by the active members of the Tourist Office and the ‘Syndicat de la Riviere’ and the panels are illustrated by watercolours by M. Claude Bernard.

In a wonderful green environment, cool and shaded, you will follow above all the flow of the water from the small bridge of Le Candèze past the kitchen gardens and as a family you can discover this path. It is accessible to all from 7 to 77.

What is an ecological niche? What was grown in the past in Monestiés? Why is the elder tree called the pharmacist of the house? Why should you never sleep under a walnut tree and why, in the middle ages was the elm tree considered to be the source of evil power. Nature will hold no secrets for you in the future.

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Information : The Tourist Office of Monestiés (+33) (welcome service and events)

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